Adding value to your business

Who is COnordic

COnordic is a network and knowledge based enterprise primarily dealing with construction products.

As an external partner we solve specific tasks and thereby release important internal resources for our customer.

What do we offer

Against a background of many years of cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers mainly in the building industry we offer technical market support and development of technical documentation, based on material properties and product specific application areas.


•Product descriptions

•Data sheets

•Guidelines and directions for use


Other services

COnordic also offer product and supplier search within the business lines building, metals and plastics. We cooperate with a world-wide network of manufacturers and suppliers of a big range of products and services.

•Product and supplier search

•Product introduction and dealer network

Added value

At COnordic we believe that above mentioned services are important value adding elements for any company. They contribute to strengthening the company’s image and increase sales. Good products and services must apart from being of high quality also be well documented and described in order to bring full benefit.

We focus on adding value to our customers business.

This is how we work

In close cooperation with our customers COnordic describe the task and thereafter make a quotation with a fixed price or work by the hour. Text and illustrations are supplied in the desired file format with or without graphic design.

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